About us

Rami Hamzeh and Rawd Khatib, two classical guitarists from Syria, studied in the Conservatory in Damascus with the same teacher, Mazen Saleh. They both admired Mazen a lot and they got highly influenced by his way of feeling about the music and his interests in the Spanish and Latin Music. This was the starting point, as the duo shared the same deep interests in Latin composers like Astor Piazzolla, and shared passion about Spain, especially Andalucia, and specifically Granada as they both got highly inspired by Al Hambra and the old city of Granada.

In 2015 the duo went into their bi-yearly trip to Granada. During one of their nightly endless walks through Albayzín (in the old City), they picked a piece of Orange that fell down of one of the Orange trees. That Orange smell was extremely deep, and its color looked more “Pure” orange than any other orange color that you have ever seen before. They both felt it as an inspiring piece of art and took a few pictures of it in the very narrow streets in Albayzín.
That special moment stayed in their hearts and when they started the Guitar Duo, they felt that orange can always bring them back to that lovely moment, so they start using the Spanish word for Orange...: La Naranja!